Dried crispy fish skin

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I want to dry the fish skin in the oven to make a crispy skin of the fish. Do I need to scale the fish skin before i do this?? Or is it ok to cook the skin without doing this. Normally I scale the fish but it looks nicer when you don't do it ;p
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Is this intended for decoration or for eating? Why dry in oven versus frying? Scales are not generally very eatable. Uneatable decoration is often frowned upon. Why don't you try it both ways and find out which works best in your intended application.
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Haha for both. I make a mixture of egg whites and maltrodextrin which I brush onto the skins. When frying the skin will have a other structure/shape and color. Drying is a much better option. 

But I will scale the fish then. Silly question from me but just to be sure /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif
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You need to scale your fish.  No question there.  Sounds like you are doing it with a knife and ripping the skin? 

I use one of these https://www.japaneseknifeimports.com/collections/fish-scalers/products/fish-scaler-regular

Now two posts in and I still have no idea what you are cooking.  Is this a filet or a whole fish?  Or just fish skin?

If you're talking whole fish (minus guts, fins, and scales), dredge it in corn starch and deep fry.  It will be real crispy
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Will be cooking red bream fish and it is the whole fish, fresh out of the sea. Will fillet the fish and separate the skin myself and I will cook both components sous vide. 

Yeah, scaling with the back of the knife. Is using that scale tool very useful? It is also very easy to do it with the knife 
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I'm not sure why you would sous vide fish skin by itself, I imagine it would come out soggy and gloopy.

I roast fish skin and I like how it comes out. Just make sure that it is seasoned first and coated with a little bit of oil and place it on parchment paper because it sticks. Keep the oven hot but don't take your eyes off it for more than a few seconds because it can go from golden brown to charcoal dust in a flash. Or you can use a torch for quicker results but it requires some skill.

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