dried cherries & wine


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I have a great recipe for fudge, and would like to add cherries. I have experimented in the past and have come close. My new idea was to put the dried cherries in a sauce pan and cook them in some cherry wine to "rehydrate" them. Is this feasable or am I wasting time and ingredients?
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It should work.  I almost always plump dried fruit up before baking with it.  It brightens the flavor and prevents those awful burnt ones that end up on the edges of cookies and scones.  

Make sure that you dry them well with paper towels, so that the added moisture does not throw off the texture of your fudge. Or you could cook them in the pan until the moisture evaporates.  I especially love dried Morello or Montmorency when paired with chocolate (they are technically a different cherry species than sweet ones).  Let us know how it works out.
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