Dried beans

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I loaded up with dry beans in Louisville.....some are new to me....
if you know about some of these varities I'd love input....

rice beans....tiny skinny white beans
Appolosa beans
Swedish soldiers
several unidentified....black and white, brown and black....


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One of my favorite ways to use up a variety of beans is an app. that I used to make under one of my mentors. It was Citrus Seared Grouper Cheeks with a Jerked Bean Salad. The beans were tossed with Ginger Oil, jerk spices, Scotch Bonnet peppers, lime and orange juice. This was placed in rings made of fried plantain, topped with the Grouper Cheeks and drizzled with Vanilla Oil.
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That's a fun link,thanks.

Shroom,some funky new stuff Sid Wainer is pushing that i've tried are
Butterscotch beans (Has a earthy cooked custard kind of flavor.
Rattlesnake beans,very cool looking.Made a cool pasta/legume salad with them.
The neatest thing i've seen in years is this bean called "calypso"

It actually is half black,half white (almost a ying/yang) very cool and tasty. Did a braised lamb shank with a puree of barolittos and a ragout of the calypso.

Really fun stuff
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I love Woodlands.....THANK YOU!
I just bought a pressure cooker at an estate sale....it will be interesting playing with the varities and looking for combos that sing.
Pete what is ginger oil? I like the Jamiacan flavors and beans seem to calm down the heat some.

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