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So i have requested off from may 26 - june 7 and I'm flying to oregon and then driving down the coast back to phoenix. I've already booked reservations at le pigeon and the french laundry, and i have to wait to book reservations at animal and saison. ive had a couple of old chefs also email the laundry for me asking for help getting a stage there for a day. I've emailed Coi, and olympia provisians asking for stages.
Where else should i eat/stay? what are essential things to do and great street food places to expperiance? Best Seafood? I'll also have my fams with me so i should probably think of things for them to do....
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So I heard back from Coi and they said they prefer to have stages for a period of at least a month (which I would totally do if I didn't have a life), and a couple of my chefs who have dug through contacts have all said that the laundry pretty much operates the same way, BUT!; the French laundry themselves haven't actually emailed me back about the stage.... Do you think if I just showed up with my roll and a fresh coat and apron and said "do you need someone to pick thyme?", they'd go for it?

Also still open to ideas for places to stop and visit that would be great for cooks/foodies....
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I'd give it a try, I don't see how it could hurt anything. I'm super jealous by the way. It a bummer about Koi, Patterson is one of my idols. I would look into getting a 3 day fishing license while in northern cali or OR, you can harvest uni right out of the ocean, and the salmon will be running.  
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While there if you cross bridge over to Berkley/Oakland territory; check out Camino in Oakland. Also in Oakland for a banging taco go to El Paisa.
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Chez Panisse in Berkeley
The boardwalk amusement park in santa cruz for the kiddos and stagnaro's on the wharf for fried oysters (very short beach walk away). If you're an oyster man swan oyster depot in san fran is died and gone to heaven good.
Passionfish in Pacific Grove, Casanova in Carmel, Nepenthe in Big Sur
So many great, great restaurants serving great, great food its hard to go wrong.....Good luck choosing!


I have other recommendations but you don't have enough time to eat at all of them!
Will you be in point reyes? Are you a cheese lover? Its the home of the cowgirl creamery......oh my god!
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Awesome! YES AND YES!!!! So I have purchased plane tickets, booked hotels, and made a ton of resos so far so now I have the skeleton of an itinerary. Basically four days in Oregon (beach house in manzanita) where I'll hit portland and tillamook- cause yes I'm a cheese lover, then down through the coastal route into eureka. Down to San Fransisco for two days for saison, napa for one at the laundry, L.A. for two with animal and mozza, and maybe spago and San Diego for two then home to Phoenix.

Plus EVERYTHING possible you all just added. I've been looking for great oysters in San Fran, and I have Alice waters freakin book ( don't know how I missed that) so those are both definites. Also the deyery for sure. Thanks guys
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atalier crenn and benu

I'm a chef in SF and eaten at most of the michelin star restaurants.  Those two are my favorite
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Hit up Grand Central Baking Co. in Portland and get you and your family some Jammers......freakin awesome stuff!! Also there is the Haystack rocks at Cannon Beach. If you have your family with you then you have to stop in a check out Caravan - The Tiny House Hotel. I stayed there and it is amazing as well as in a cool central location with lots of great eateries and places to visit.
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Awesome, so the reservations I went with (cause of time and money restraints) le pigeon, French laundry, coi, mozza, atilier crenn, bouchon, and animal. I will absolutely also stop at this swan oyster co., and Portland bakery as well as chengdu taste, and pok pok. Other itinerary items include zoos, aquariums, the tar pits, the boardwalk suggested and oodles of other family stuff.
It's nice to have people to share this with, at my current job not a lot of my coworkers truly appreciate food or cooking so when I try to talk about these exiting things they seldom understand what I'm talking about. Thank you everybody for all the suggestions, and advice.

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