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    I'm new to the forum and want to get your advice. I'm relatively new to the industry but have worked at some very busy and quality restaurants. I interviewed and have been hired on to one of my dream restaurants to work for. I've been studying, prepping, and waiting for my first day. They have not announced where they will place me yet and are waiting to get me in the kitchen to see how I do. I want to know if you have any tips for entering into a new kitchen. Im a little nervous about it to be honest. I obviously know I have to work hard and learn as much as I can but beyond that is there something that would put me on the path to sous chef and not the other way around? Any sous chefs or in more of management positions, what do you from an entry level position to where you are today.
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    Hello there,

    my advice is just be yourself, if you like what you do, have passion it will shine through. Be on time, enthusiastic and willing which it seams you are and they are bound to notice it. Don't forget the trial is a two way thing, for them to see what you can do but for YOU to see who they are as well. Don't be afraid to ask questions, maybe at the end of hopefully good day. It saves resentment and bitching latter if both parties know exactly what is what. LISTEN more than talk, I employ people on the basis of skill and personality both, sometimes I give a job to people because I have a good feeling about them,  it is not one thing that you look at as an employer. Paper work, costings, managing people can be taught, personality and attitude is different. For example I never give a job to anyone who is late for an interview /trial, I am not saying it is right but my kitchen my rules! Chef that doesn't know how to make tasty soup has no place in my kitchen wherever he trained or worked before. Mashed potatoes is another thing I ask people to do on they trials, it may be simple but can they do it right? seasoning ? What! no nutmeg?  What I am saying is every employer will be different but they all want good, reliable, cooks they can count on. So don't over think i,t just go for it, an experienced Chef will know what you are made from very soon anyway. Good luck