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How common is it for people who've worked as head chefs, to go back to being chef de partie?
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I was a head chef at 21, but for a chain restaurant; I took a step down to go work at The MAC club in Portland (largest private athletic club in the US) as a roundsman and later a supervisor and then sous. I learned more in three years than I ever could have if i'd stayed at the old job.:thumb:
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I retired and then went back to work seasonally, part time. The Exec. Chef asked me if I would mind being the head butcher(fish and Meat) because nobody knew how to break down full as is hanging beef. I said sure, just to keep busy. Stlii doing it, guess it gets in your blood.:chef:
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after years of being an executive chef I became a sous-chef for a chef who was about to take maternity leave!

best experience of my life. the kitchen is a ship, and all of it's sailors each appreciate each-others role and importance. If you see changing positions as downgrading, then you are blind to the true nature of kitchen.

besides,if its power you're after, then the guy cooking the food has the most control REALLY....executive chefs keep jackets clean ....LOL

have fun and keep your eyes and heart open in the kitchen, has always worked for me!

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When I left the USVI I went from a F&B Manager/Ex Chef of a resort that had 3 restaurants, a catering facility and 3 bars to a Sous in a high end restaurant. For me it was never about taking a step back but learning a new set of skills under a VERY well regarded James Beard award winning chef.
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I decided to return to school, so now I just cook the line. Well, that's not quite all I do but it's a lot less responsibility than I used to have. Sometimes I find myself really missing it but a lot of the time it's nice not to have the headaches that come with being Chef.
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so little of what chefs do actually has anything at all to do with cooking.
It usually has alot, if not mostly, to do with cleaning.
And just when you figure this all out, all you wat to do is line cook again.
but this time, with style...good luck and great times mate-
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I wouldn't see taking a lesser role to be a step back.. I would see it as a learning experience though and learn as much as I could from it.
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