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Is anyone familiar with commercial doughnut sugar? I know it is a mix of confectioners sugar and cornstarch but am trying to figure out the ratio of sugar to cornstarch. I know that standard confectioners sugar has around 3% cornstarch. I seem to remember the amount of cornstarch in doughnut sugar to be a lot higher. I believe this is to prevent it from melting when applied to a hot or warm product. I am having trouble getting this product in time for a upcoming holiday bake and am wondering if i can sift confectioners sugar and cornstarch together and produce my own. I can't find any helpful info online. Any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated.


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I got a product from my vendor out here in Washington called "Sweet Snow", which was a dextrose and cocoa butter product that prevented melting once I sprinkled it on my products. Of course, when using the Sweet Snow or even just confectioner's sugar I never sprinkled it on a warm product, I always let them cool completely. If you sprinkle when warm, nearly anything would melt.

Here is a link for a donut sugar made by Patisfrance!:
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