dough divider rounder suggestions?? about to pull the trigger on a machine.

Discussion in 'Professional Pastry Chefs' started by rat, Apr 8, 2013.

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    Making alot of rolls and buns lately, chef has approved in the budget for us to get a dough divider/rounder. I would like to get one with up to a 4.5 oz capacity with a 30 or 36 portion cut. It takes alot of time to scale the dinner rolls and sandwich buns every day by hand.

      Ive worked with the dividers and rounders in the past but have mostly been unsuccessfull in getting them to work properly, most times I have had to re roll the divided doughs, they do not come out of the machine rounded.. Does anyone have a favorite brand or preference on machines? Are the automatic machines worth the extra $$$ vs the semi automatic or manual machines? . We have looked into one machine but the company (empire in NY) is the only importer so service and parts are a concern there. Also we brought about 20 lbs of dough up to the company for a demo and the reps had a difficult time getting the machine to round properly.  I would welcome anyones input.  I hate the thought if spending alot of money only to have it not be worth the money  Thank you.
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    call a commercial baking operation and ask them