Double oven or single plus a range?

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Hi everyone,

My wife and I are remodeling our kitchen and are trying to decide between getting a rangetop plus a double wall oven, or getting a full all-gas range plus a single electric oven.

We don't have a preference about which looks better. We're only really concerned about cooking performance. We also don't care that much about the self-cleaning options. The decision really comes down to whether we want one gas oven and one electric, or two electrics.

We use our oven a lot. We bake a lot of bread and pizzas, and also use the oven for braising and roasting meats.

I'd love to hear people's thoughts. Here are some specific questions I have:

1. The all-gas ranges we are looking at (Bluestar, DCS, American Range, maybe a few others) all have infrared broilers. Are these broilers better, worse, or just different from the type of broiler in an electric oven.

2. Most of our experience is with electric ovens. I know some people prefer gas and others prefer electric. We'll obviously have at least one electric oven. But the question is do we want two or one of each. We have this idea that it would be nice to have both. Are there applications where one would be better than the other, so having both is a nice luxury?

Thanks in advance!
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