Double Deck Convection Oven

Discussion in 'Cooking Equipment Reviews' started by cakerybakery, Nov 13, 2012.

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    I am looking to buy a Double Deck Convection Oven...any suggestions on a brand?
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    I like South Bend, & Vulcan,  No Japanese makes  Blodgett is good to
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    If you have heart set on a convection, Blodgett is pretty good.  Choose a brand that has a factory authorized repair and sales/showroom in your area..

    But-tum..uh, why so hung up on convections?  Don't get me wrong, I've used them for almost 30 years now, I know how to work with them and around them.  But when I opened my own place, the first thing I bought was a deck oven.

    You can't control top or bottom heat with those things, you can cheat and have pans lined with bbq fire bricks to "simulate" bottom heat and bake on that for a crispy bottom, and you can use a propane torch to "colour" tops, but it isn't the real thing.  Heck, you can microwave sliced apples first and  then bake them in a tart for  open faced apple tarts so you can have a crispy crust and baked apples, and I have a million "cheats" on how to do creme caramel and creme brule in a convection, how to turn the trays around and around and around so you don't have lop-sided muffins or genoise, how to weigh down stuff like choux and small cookies so the fan doesn't pick up the whole mess and blow it around the cavity.

    IMHO the convection is a workhorse best suited for catering.  Watchyouneed is a race horse, and that is a deck oven.