Double 00 flour for making pasta

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    Chef Mario,

    I have typically used the "Double 00" flour when making pasta. Years ago I worked as a cook for Massimo Spigaroli at Al Cavellino Bianco in Polesine Italy and there were two old Italian ladies that made all of the pasta. The flour they used was "Double 00".

    My question is do you use the "double 00" type of flour when making your pasta? If so what brand and where to find it? Lastly, do you use different types of flour depending on the type of pasta you are making?
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    I use double 00 for pizza and pasta. I like the one they sell in the Italian shop in Chelsea market, but you can buy it in any store that sells Italian products as well as anywhere online. For pasta, I also use durum semolina flour for a harder wheat and a thicker pasta.