Dottiri Cake (A Practical Version of Chocolate/Biscuit Cakes)

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(Thanks to the valuable contribution of that beautiful girl we called, “Dottiri”)

Ingredients :

2 packs of petit beurre biscuit (plain) (1 pack=175gr.)
2 packs of petit beurre biscuit (with cocoa)
7-8 tablespoonful granulated sugar
3 tablespoonful cocoa
3 glasses of milk (1 glass=200ml.)

1 pack of chocolate sauce (preferrably Dr.Oetker Chocolate Sauce, and NOT glaze)
The ingredient/s needed to prepare the sauce according to the instructions on the pack (mostly 500ml. milk)

For decoration:
Cracked hazelnuts, grated coconut etc. (at your pleasure)

Instructions :

1. Put all of the ingredients, out of chocolate sauce and decoration stuff, in a big pot or a wide pan, mix them well enough to gain kind of a dough.
2. Make big balls of this dough and put in a wide pan side by side.
3. Prepare the chocolate sauce according to the instructions on its pack and pour over the balls.
4. Decorate with the hazelnut, coconut you like.


Tips :

1. The amounts of the biscuits should be 350-370gr. plain and 350-370gr. with cocoa.
2. Don’t heap the spoons with sugar and cocoa. Use the spoon moderately.
3. It’s beter to mix the ingredients with hands (and latex gloves!).
4. You don’t have to mix to a homogeneous dough. Contrarily, if some little biscuit pieces left in the dough, it’s ok.
5. After pouring the sauce, wait for it to get cool; later decorate. Otherwise, the decoration stuff will somewhat plunge in the sauce.
6. The sauce should be a highly viscous liquid, NOT a glaze.
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People hi, is the thing in this recipe.. is it cake or pie? I simply cant be sure :(
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I'm not sure - it seems a pure assembly job of various ingredients, rather than a baked cake or pudding!
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