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    Hi everyone,

    I have been reading this forum for a while and now that I've decided to take a step toward my own donut business I decided to join and ask for some help/guidance/suggestions/tips.

    First of all I've lived in the US for quite some time and I am familiar with donuts as a consumer, with glazing, fillings, different varieties etc. However I am not familiar with necessary equipment and the whole process of making donuts.

    Donut equipment or shops are not readily available here so there is nobody to learn from. I have a pretty limited budget and at first can hire only one person (main baker) to make donuts. Most of the equipment I would have to order from the US, China, UK or Spain.

    I would greatly appreciate any input on the following:

    1. Necessary equipment. What is really essential? Bare minimum in order to produce quality donuts?
    2. Difference in manual, semi automatic and automatic process of making donuts?
    3. Cake vs yeast donuts
    4. Filling types, smooth, chunky....filling machines, manual, powered?
    5. Frying oil, types, safety, filtering, frying life?
    6. Helping hands, baker helpers? How many donuts can one person make a day?
    7. Are aditives used in donut business, why and which ones?
    8. Manual glazing, sugar coating
    9. Times between making dough, frying, coating/glazing and offering it for sale?

    If I think of anything else, I will add to the list.
    Much appreciated!

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