Dont open a restaurant.

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Have any of us here worked for owners who really shouldn't be in this industry? I have.
In the last few years, I have worked more in the consulting field, helping new restaurant ventures get off the ground with assistance in programming POS, training staff and getting floor plans right, marketing etc.
The amount of people who think they can open a restaurant in their vision with absolutely no experience or, indeed, business knowledge is staggering.
I worked with a couple, where he was unable to be listed as an owner in any way because he was an uncleared bankrupt, and he was spending her divorce settlement because he wanted to be a hotshot restaurateur and she wanted to appease her chef wannabe son. Guess how that worked out.
Then, recently, I was seconded to a venue that was in a really awkward place in town- no foot traffic, nothing around except the bus station, trying to do fine dining. The owner had an amazing wine collection, which was supposed to be a cornerstone of the business, and would have been if he had just been able to stop drinking it.
Please share your stories, because this is just for laughs.
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Stop cronker, stop! Right now thousands of used equipment guys are, um, " highly stimulated". And they 're confused too, what with every gram of self control to keeping the drool in their mouths, and keeping their heavy ragged breathing in check. Confused, because they don't know how much back rent the landlord of a closed down cafe is owed. If they knew that, they could quote that sum to clean out the place to the last s/s switch cover plate instead of offering 12 cents on the dollar, and then marking up to their usuall 300%.

My experiences are usually the opposite. Bunch o'idiots want me to cook for a 100 seater with a shoebox kitchen with illegal or nonexistant ventilation and shared refrigeration space with the bar's single foor reach in.....
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