Don't mind me....I'm just rambling

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I started CCA in July, not knowing what to expect. I started because I had to start being serious in my life and I love food so why not cooking school, right?

For the tiniest time I have been there so far, I realized that it's such an amazing skill, art, way of life etc..

I mean the interaction we do in class, the different cultures we come across with, the amazing instructors that continue to have that "Passion" after years and years of being in the industry. It's all extremely inspiring. And the world of foods and being able to learn so far the basic techniques of it all is incredible.

There are some folks that are out there that balk and say "Oh, you're going to cooking school." with a kind of sarcastic, negative tone. Yes, technically it is a trade school but for me it's more than just that.

People don't understand the beauty of this wonderful art. I was one of them until I started. I am glad and very honored to have experienced a fraction of it so far. I just hope that in years to come and the learning experiences that I will forever be going thru that I will never lose this insight and continue to have the same "Passion" as I have started to feel and what most Chefs out there already have and know.

It's a saturday, just rambling away a I'm going to get up and do something active for today as opposed to sitting on the couch watching "Never Ending Story" just for the sake of it. Ok, yeah I really wouldn't do that, but hey it is an amusing thought. :D
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Rambling -- no! You have said the same things that many of us have said, to ourselves and to others, for years.

I came to the industry late, and am now more on the fringe than in the thick of it. But what you describe is what I always did and always will feel. May you too always continue to feel that way. There is nothing so great in the world as having -- and keeping -- that passion.

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