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Every griller has a preferred method of testing their meat for doneness. You have mentioned two ways , the "Artistic" Method and the "Scientific" Method . Which one of these two do you prefer over the other ?

I realize for a thicker cut of meat a digital thermometer is the safest way to go.

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The "artistic" method is actually a bit cavalier in this day and age: play fast and loose with temperatures for hamburger and poultry, for example, and you could conceivably end up with a food-borne illness. I still use the "poke" test from time to time--especially for steaks that are less than 1-1/2 inches--but more often than not, I rely on a digital thermometer. My favorite is the Thermopen. It renders fast, accurate readings and has a thin probe that works well with fish fillets or other foods that don't have much thickness. It's a bit pricy--around $90, I think--but meat isn't cheap, either. And if the Thermopen keeps you from ruining a 7-bone prime rib roast, it is well worth it.

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