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Was thinking of hiring a helper a while back so I could have a week off.  Think is, I'm not even a "chef", just a cook doing just about anything in a coffeeshop but sign my own checks.  So, I don't even have a dishwasher and the back had to be set up with the space I had so even if I need a second pair of hands when slammed there is no way to make it work.

My thing is, I know the guy, know he can even cook (probably better than me) but, he turned me down because he couldn't stand the idea of washing his own dishes.  Been talking to a cook across town because I know this place will close fairly soon and he was shocked that I do everything.  And well, started treating me like I was 2nd Class after this conversation so, wouldn't take the job from him at double the pay.

Anyway, am I the only cook that has no problems cleaning up after myself.  Give me a break, after a rush not only do I need to basically scrub everything it's also calming.  It's something you have total control of and well, don't have to worry about some pinheaded customer complain (like the cheese in a grilled sandwich being I don't know, hot and melted...)

Well, off to sharpen my knives and get ready for lunch,

James P.
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I wash every day during set-up.

Part of it is to keep the area clean, part to ensure that the next person who needs the, say, robot-coupe has it ready for them.

Once we're open I have little time for this, which is why we have someone come in to do this.

In a smaller place I've done as you do....everything.

I have little respect for someone who feels ANY task is beneath them.

By choosing to feel superior they are actually choosing to be looked at as an inferior, at least by me.
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I'm a one-man show in the kitchen.  Do ALL of the prep work, all of the finished work, all of the washing up, all of the mopping, grabage and paper take aways, fixing toilets and sinks etc.

Heck.  I even made and installed the display shelving and coffee bar, customer's tables, work tables, all of the picture and advertising framing......... 

Am I a "Chef?'

Noooo.... I am an "owner".......

Anyone who can't clean up after themselves, refuses to clean up common equipment (stoves, fridges) or do the dishes one a while,  needs to work in a one man kitchen, for a month or so.  Very educational.................
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Good to know I'm not the only one who doesn't mind doing whatever the job calls for.  Have fixed a few tables in my time as well as plumbing, putting new brushes in a blender motor...

My opinion is that if anyone thinks that a job is "beneath" them should do that job for a month or two. 
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Never say you can't and never ask anyone to do anything you wouldn't do. I say this all the time.

     There was a post on here a while back , a female employee while  going to CIA was asked to sweep the floor. She refused claiming she did not go to CIA to do this.  Good ''then go back to the CIA. and tell them why you are looking for a job now!''
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No job is beneath any cook or chef and I tell people this all the time.  I sweep, mop, clean grills... do what I have to do to get the job done.. it's all part of the work we do.  If I find someone chatting too much or standing around alot I do find something for them to do and usually it's a heavy cleaning job that needs to be done, and well obviously they have time on their hands so they can do it.

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