Doing a Small Catering Job ~ Recommendations

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Hello all and thanks in advance for any feedback....Here is my issue/request for recommendations. I am catering a party for about 30 people, since I am in the military, the rank structure is VERY HEAVY (read all General Officers). I am planning on providing a basic "menu" of hors d’oeuvres:

- Cheese/Bread Stuffed Mushrooms
- Coconut Shrimp
- Cheeses
- Chicken Slovakia
- Pan Seared Ahi Tuna rolled in sesame seeds and Wasabi coating

The question is that I would like to do a "hot" station where I set up my induction cooktop and do some individual type of food item "by order". It would show off my cooktop, pan, knife skills, and my Chef outfit (heck I am looking for some "pats" on the back). Any recommendations about what that cooktop item should be?

Thanks a TON in advance.:peace:

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why not some kind of soup that you make really well, it is simple, won't cause grease splatter or smoke if you are indoors, gives off great aroma, reheats and holds very well and will allow you the time to take the credit you are seeking plus everyone eats soup.
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What about scallops? They would cook up really fast...maybe serve some pasta with them and a light sauce?
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Will you have someone to help (passing trays or refilling the buffet)? Just curious... you have a few things that won't hold for a long time before becoming heavy, greasy or dried out. Just picture you "performing" while your main buffet deteriorates.
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crepes, a couple of fillings prepped in advance, a little whip cream and powdered sugar. Fresh hot crepes filled with yummy cold fruits or jams, delicious.
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omelettes? The cook up nice and quick, can have various filling next to you mise en place for quick fillings. They are easy to pretty up with garnishes too.
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Tiny fresh-made omelet is a good idea with half dozen topping ingredients around guests can choose from.
(It's sluvaki, not slovakia)

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George...thank you and you are right on the spelling....MY BAD:mad:

I was thinking omelet with Spam or other Hawaiian ingrediment....thank you.

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