Does Washington Owe Toyota an Apology?

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The more I think about this whole Toyota thing, the more pissed off I get - and I don't even own a Toyota. After a year of trashing the company's cars, the government is just saying, "oops, my bad" and shrugging their shoulders This could have happened to any car company. I know they're big corporations, but WTF?

I know I can't be the only person who feels this way, amirite?
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Link doesn't work.

Fox News... for or against an apology?

Now what would a Canuck know about Foxnews?????????
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What good would an apology do? The damage is already done to Toyota's reputation. In a way, they deserved it, though, since they refused to investigate the cause of the acceleration until they were forced to.

On the upside for American businesses, according to another article on the same site, most Americans now view Ford and GM more favorably than they do Toyota.
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