does this knife even exist ?

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I have an older model Wusthof Classic 10" which I enjoy to use. (see below pic) Its handle and weight are great. I really like the feel of the bolster as well. Unfortunately, it doesn't stay sharp for long.  I have a 10" MAC chef's knife which stays sharp but I hate how it feels. So I wondered if there was any knife out there on the market, that has the weight, handle, bolster of a the Wusthof but the sharpness of my MAC ?  

misono ux10 ? Shun ? a newer model Wusthof ?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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A Japanese chef's knife sold under the brand name "Sakura" uses VG10 steel and has a German profile and bolster.  Might be what you're looking for if you actually like the shape and bolster of the Germans but want better steel.

It's not quite as heavy though.
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You could also try the 8 or 10 inch Victorinox chef's blade. It has a good weight without being heavy and a variety of handle materials to choose from. Probably the finest SS you can buy.
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Of all the Japanese high-end chef's knives, the MAC Pro requires the least adjustment from a western made knife because it's so stiff.

If you want a heavy knife with a German profile, it's hard to beat Wusthof. You can get them pretty darn sharp if you know ow to sharpen, but you can't get them thin. At some point you'll have to figure out what which properties you value most and either make up your mind or have one of each.

Nothing against Forschner, but it's a significant step down from any of the better MAC lines.

FWIW, Forschners are made with the same alloy as Wusthofs, X50CrMoV15, only less well hardened -- and they are certainly less well finished. One thing I do like about the Forschners in comparison to Wusthofs is that the Forschners are thinner. But, they're nowhere near as thin as Japanese knives; if you're thinking they maybe the compromise, think again.

The closest thing to a foot in both worlds is probably a Sabatier carbon. They get very sharp (if you know how to sharpen) and are remarkably tough.


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