Does this actually happen or they just trying to scare me?

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i got hired at this seafood restaurant today and im guessing i will be starting Sunday or Monday for sure.

during the interview and stage though the manager told me i have 2 weeks to learn every station or your out. they have 3 stations i believe. 2 for sure im not exactly sure what the 3rd person does. i think they float between the 2 stations and plating.

what is your take? do you think she was trying to scare me so i don't waste their time by taking the job then quitting? they said they have a high turn over rate not sure if the people can't handle or it's just the employers. Or does this actually happen?

i would except this type of thing to happen if i applied as a sous chef or a more prestigious type of restaurant but not somewhere like this.
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I would say she is as serious as a heart attack. She put it on the line it's up to you to run with it or don't take the job. It takes money to train people. If you aren't serious, they are. You now know whats expected, take the challenge or walk away. I think she gave you a good picture on how it is to work there. If your looking for pats on the back I would think you'll get to many in this place. This is a job, not a career opportunity. If you need a job take it. Just don't expect to do much thinking, just do your job and shut up. If she told you they have a high turnover that should be a red flag. I wouldn't bother with a place like this.......ChefBillyB
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not really sure why turn over is high but im guessing they used to hire people who couldn't handle the work flow and got stressed out.

btw why do you say it's a job and not a career opportunity? or like what do you mean by that? i see everything as both a job and a career opportunity in some what as i can learn various unless it is TOO easy of a job where i don't really learn much or don't improve my skills in any sort of way such as my last job as they liked to buy a lot of pre made stuff instead of making it from scratch like soups or they would freeze em in bulk and just reheat over the month which was disgusting imo.
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not really sure why turn over is high but im guessing they used to hire people who couldn't handle the work flow and got stressed out.

I'm guessing that they quit because of management's unreasonable expectations.

If you are expecting to remain a line cook all your life then it's a career. Otherwise this is a job.


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i would sit in if you can and watch with a friend, see how and who is doing what, it is amazing what you can see when you just observe hiding in plain sight is powerful than you think
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High turn over rate...

Here in Vancouver we have a fine dining place that is notorious for a high turn over rate. Matter of fact 8 out of 10 applicants that turn up to our interviews have worked at said establishment for a short period of time. They all pretty much said the same thing, 80 hr weeks and sh*tty pay. It’s gotten to the point now where said establishment recruits from overseas since they can’t get local people.

Good luck!
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