Does the size of the fish determind the quality of the meat?

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Okey so me and some friends are having a discussion if the size if the fish influence the quality of the meat. Does it,and why?

Maybe it depends on the variety of the fish?
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Size doesn't matter in terms of quality. Of course, the bigger the fish the more meat you get. But a twelve pound salmon is just as good as a twenty pound salmon, all else being equal.  And that's where "quality" matters.  What determines quality? How it was caught, how it was kept cold or alive for how long, how it was transported and how quickly, how it was cooked.  So a small fish, treated with great respect, is a better quality fish than a very large fish treated poorly. 
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With some fish like bluefish, mackerel, anchovies, etc. - the more "oily" fish - the smaller fish tend to taste better IMO.  White meat fish, salmon, etc. the flavor is the same regardless of size.


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What you want to do with it matters for size. Cutting 'steaks' requires fish of appropriate size for example.
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