Does Size Matter?

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I was in the market for a new Chef's knife.  Right now Im used to a 9".  After reading reviews I learned Shun Is very popular.  I bought a 10" classic shun and it's feeling a little big to me.  After using the 9" in school the shun 8" seems to small.  The problem is shun doesnt make a 9". Should I get used to the 10"? I hear it's a power house for prep in commercial kitchens. But are these big burley men saying this? Im a little woman...5'3 110lb.  It there an advantage for the extra inch?? 



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The bigger knife does offer some production advantages. I think you'll get used to it. I switch between an 8 and a 10 a lot. The 8 is the higher quality steel in my case and the 10 a good Henkels. The 10 is easier to do mirepoix with by size if I keep it as sharp as the 8. And the bigger knife is better for squash, watermelon and other larger prep tasks for sure.

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Sure: Size does matter ! (someone had to say it)...

I'm only slightly taller than you (and unfortunately a bit heavier as well /img/vbsmilies/smilies/frown.gif)

I started of by using 21 cm (8") chef knive's and have recently bought a 24 cm (9.5"). It looked impressive at first but proved very easy to handle. Maybe also because the 24 cm knife is about the same weight as the 21 cm one.

I also have a 27 cm (10.5") Victorinox knife lying around, but even though I can cope with it, I find it too big, but I bring it out when I need to carve a big roast (like whole lamb or pig). This knife is also a lot heavier than the others I own and I think that has quite a lot to do with it.

Note that my knives are used for home-cooking, so they don't see the amount of work a professional chef's knife does.

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