Does Pot Color Effect Heat Transfer in the Oven?

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Will a black or dark colored pot absorb more heat in an oven, and, by extension, transfer that heat more efficiently to the food and the cooking liquid, than a white or light colored pot?
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It is my understanding and experience that a dark pan will require less time than a light colored pan so apparently it is absorbing more heat.  Another factor, which I have read but have no quantitative experience is the the size of the pan relative to what's being cooked will also affect the time.  Generally when I put something in the oven I only set the time for about 75% of the recommended time and then check for doneness either visually or with an instant read thermometer.  Depending upon what I find, I will set the timer for my best estimate of how much longer and check again at the next time, and so on.

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Dark baking sheets tend to over brown cookie bottoms. This is probably the most extreme case where you have a lot of surface area putting heat into small items.

For situations cooking larger foods, it probably matter much less.
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