Does modern kitchen equipment cause deskilling among kitchen professionals? Deskilling as in make yo

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Equipment in context would include: thermomix, robot coupe, combi ovens, induction hobs, sous vide machine, paco jet.
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I'll bite....

As a cook with 46 years of experience, I have seen first hand these products you've mentioned above. I've seen their usage and I see that although these products make the cooking process easier, it does take away some of the "art" aspects of cooking.

Your upscale places utilize these equipment (s) more so than your chain or mom and pop's do.

I don't see these items taking the place of a human any time in the near future as much as I see the front of the house evolving into utilizing machines in place of humans.
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Equipment in context would include: thermomix, robot coupe, combi ovens, induction hobs, sous vide machine, paco jet.
i had all these equipments at my place of work where i worked recently.

i personally havent used sous vide machine and still on the fence with the whole sous vide craze.....even lot of hipsters who are not even into cooking go ga-ga over sous vide equipment in the kitchen and take photos of it.

as for paco jet..its very useful and makes life very easy when dealing with sorbets out of deep frozen state.

oh and i personally hate induction hobs...i have cooked on them at friends places and they just dont allow precise temperature control and tall flame that retains heat when tossing pans or flipping food.
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Do you feel less of a chef because you're not cooking on top of a wood fired oventop?

Are you a less skilled chef if you can't flute mushrooms?

Modern kitchen equipment are simply tools to be used.

They can be used well or poorly, that's where skill comes in.
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I see these as helping to cut labor in the BOH. I also agree with Chefross with the biggest cost savings being in the FOH. The FOH service in our industry has been lacking  for years. There will be much more self-service and a higher quality of focus on food. I think we have come to the point of "Just wanting to eat" and a more no fuss approach to getting our food. You will see more iPads for ordering at the table with more card swiping paying method. The service will just be a delivery service to the table, like a busboy approach. In NYC there are custom cut meat houses that do all your special beef and pork cuts, and also grind your menu to your own specs. I think the future front line will be Chef run with a cook back up of two. All the prep will be contracted out so as to know exactly what a menu item food cost will be. In order to survive in this business labor will be cut in 1/2 of what yesteryear would be. 
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