Does anyone teach?

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I teach something everyday...and I learn two things everyday.
Annecke..My Amy rose is a dancer :) Ballet,tap,jazz, lyrical. She's quite good.
Crudeau, How do you do that? Thats to funny
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Mbrown, I am interested in teaching part time one day. What can you tell us about your own experience with teaching? What are your students like? What level are they? How many sessions per class, etc., and anything else you want to tell.
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I teach Kosher cooking, consult with caterers (one kosher, several not) and teach kids as well as adults classes at different March is wild shrooms at Botanical Gardens, June is a week of ice cream for a CoCa camp, I have a pastries class first of March also and a Candy class the end of the month. Herbs in May.
Then the ongoing cooking demos at the Market starting in May....I assist chefs in selecting, writing and then presenting a recipe to the crowd using market products.

My students vary from proficient home cooks to exact recipe users to just starters....I make fairly standard dishes and add ingrediants, talk techniques and tricks then alternative applications....and I do throw in a recipe that can be used by a beginner.
Demistifying and passing on the passion is the joy I derive from teaching.
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Hey, mb, if you could also tell us how you got into teaching, I'd appreciate it. I'm looking at alternative ways to make a living within the industry, and this is at the top of my list.
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When I was in Culinary School, I became a teaching assistant and the next year a fellow. Since that time I have taught in colleges, private homes, department stores and degree granting cooking schools.
I enjoy teaching and reaching students by removing the mystery of pastry and baking. Currently I am taching at Look Who's Cooking in Oyster Bay, NY and looking forward to teaching at Sur La Table in Mannhassett.
My fav students are carrear changers and foodies who just love to cook. I is hard to teach and motivate folks who are not passionate about baking so college can be tough. :cool:
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Oooo Shroomgirl. I LOVE kosher foods. I know where to go and ask questions when I have to cook these foods for Jewish holidays at work. :)
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I am a volunteer instructor for a group of 33 Kindergartners and 30 Pre-K sutdents. We do interactive cooking classes (i.e. pizza/dough, soups, bread, caramel apples, etc.)
I think the classes really help the children develop 'life skills' like following a task all the way through to completion, organization and observations skills. It also gives them the chance to 'work' at practical skills rather than just 'book work'.
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If you just want to have fun and learn more, find a local cooking school. Where are you located? In New York there are many schools and abroad too, a great time can be had going to a gourmet travel agency and taking a foodie trip! When I have some disposable income I would love to cruse, cook and sight see!
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I used to teach health science. But now I'm back into computers. I think that I would like to open a shop offering "Fresh Bread and Pate". It seems, however, that hardly anyone is into pate these days.
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I have been teaching cooking since I was 18 and took over my mother's class when she had the flu. I now teach at a local college. My area is Gourmet International and Ethnic cuisine and home cooking. I specialize in Asian cuisine. I have also taught children cooking from around the world at a local cooking school and children's summertime programs that Universities have. I still go to elementary and high schools and guest speak on creative cuisine.
My students range from professional tract culinary students to homemakers as well as non-professional foodies. Every class is quite a challenge and I learn as much as I teach.
After going through a culinary program, I found that I enjoy teaching cooking better anything so here I am.

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