Does Anyone Have Any Good Recipes for Mozzerella Cheese Sticks

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I am dying to find out what can make this popular appetizer crunchy and delicious. I have looked online and non of the recipes seem right for me ....So if anyone can reach out and give me some insight on how to pull this cheesy appetizer into a success....I am grateful from here in Chicago to France


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There are a few different approaches. I.e. mozzarella cut in strips, dipped in egg/breadcrumb etc mixture, fried; or same using string cheese wrapped in egg roll wrappers (baked w cooking spray). If you go the breadcrumb/egg dipping mixture, you might chill/refrigerate to firm them up before frying . Make a dipping sauce of marinara, pesto or whatever you like. You might take a look at the recent thread about problems w breading sticking to chicken tenders for some tips.
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Bread them in breadcrumbs with italian seasonings, S & P and maybe some parmesan or pecorino romano.  Use a little more pressure than usual to help them adhere.  Place them on a sheet pan and freeze them for 2 to 3 hours.  This helps them not leak when frying.  Since there are so few ingredients they are much better with bread crumbs you make yourself.
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