Does anyone have any experience/opinions on the Simply Calphalon Stainless series?

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I am in need of some new cookware, but am on a limited budget (I'm a graduate student). I saw a few items from the Simply Calphalon Stainless Collector's Edition that seem like very good deals, but the reviews are sparse (though usually positive; the only real negative was that the saucepan was heavy, which I don't consider to be a drawback). Specifically, I'm looking at a 5 qt sauteuse for $35 and a 4 qt saucepan for $20. Thanks for your help!


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I've got the 12 inch saute pan. I like it. I believe Cooks Illustrated just reviewed that pan too and liked it. Was a "Recommended" pan as I recall.

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You are corect Phil, CI did do a review of this product in the current issue and liked it overall. I don't remember it being that inexpensive though. I thought it was more in the $60 to $70 range :confused:

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I think then pan reviewed in the recent CI issue was the regular Try-Ply Calphalon Stainless- the two I was interested in are from their Simply Calphalon Stainless series, which is Calphalon's budget line. I'm pretty sure the Simply line has an aluminum core only in the base (not all over), which would help it to be so cheap. In any event, I decided to order them both, plus another one (Amazon has a deal until April 26th that if you order $75 in cookware, you get $15 off; code is on the "cookware page"; does not apply to All Clad). The price was right and its from a reputable company, so hopefully they will be of decent quality. I guess we'll see. Thanks Phil and Jock for your input!

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