Does anybody have the recipe of '' Swiss Roll cake or Roll cake ''? TQ

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    Hey cupcakes, its me again!

    so i found out in the youtube channel of this Japanese lady of the Japanese roll cake aka Swiss Roll cake recipe.

    I never success..

    1.the cake don't rise. cake did stick on top my baking paper, for some reason, it just don't turn out fluffy and soft. ( which i don know why )

    3.I followed exactly and the instructions.

    here are the recipes.

    I did was the green tea roll cake.

    40g cake flour

    1 tbsp green tea powder ( matcha powder )

    4 egg white

    40g sugar

    4 eggs + sugar

    the steps was ..

    separate 4 eggs .

    beat the egg white till fluffy or soft peak & add half of the sugar/

    beat the egg yolks and add sugar and mix/beat them till they turns pale yellow color. add in the sifted flour & add the meringue along.

    bake at 180 degree Celsius for 25-30 minutes.