Does Advertising equal success in local eating establishments?

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I am currently studying Food and Hospitality for my SACE Stage 2. I have been given an independant study to complete and need some relevent info, if you could PLEASE help me with this it would be appreciated, The topic I have chosen to research is;
"Does Advertising Equal Success in Local Eating Establishments."


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In one way, yes: if there is enough money coming in to be able to spend (=waste) some on advertising, you're pretty successful.

However, it can be the direct opposite. Restaurateurs who have no clue about how to run a place sometimes think that "if you advertise, they will come." Rather than understanding that positive word-of-mouth, and reviews/editorial stories (which COST NOTHING) are what bring in customers, they'll try to save their business by throwing away money on ads. Instead of figuring out where they can save, how they can be more efficient, and improving the quality of their food and service.

So what I'm getting at is: NO
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I find that customers and word of mouth advertising are the best. First, people believe their friends. You can't believe everything you see on the telly, can you?
Second, it gives the customer a sense of participation. Don't you get a thrill from taking someone to a new, yet undiscovered restaurant and having the experience exceed everybodys' expectations. I find it is a coup to be the one to say: " I found this great little place....."
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Advertising is expensive and doesn't always work. We rely on word-of-mouth. Our best advertising firm is our customers! They have actually eaten at our place. Some have posted reviews on their websites and we have had their friends show up.

The best way to advertise is called SERVICE. :bounce: :bounce:

If you have spectacularly arranged dishes and bad service, what is the point? If you have simple, flavorful food and excellent service the customers will come on their own. I like to treat my customers like family, people also like to eat where they are comfortable you know.

Expensive advertising doesn't do JACK for your business but add anothe bill to pay! :mad: :lol:


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In independent restaurants, TV or radio ads are worthless. A targeted ad in a local magazine to your clientele, MIGHT break even.

Word of mouth rules.

Chains may benefit from advertising.

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Advertising is probably responsible for a lot of "first visits" to restaurants but excellent food and consistently good service will solidify any initial business brought in by advertising.

People don't eat twice at a place they don't like.

In rural communities, such as the one where I currently live, radio advertising is key to spreading the word about a new establishment. More importantly, it lets people know that a restaurant they've eated at in the past is still open. Turnover here is even worse than in cities. It's not uncommon to enjoy a place and two weeks later it's closed.

Print ads are less effective here than radio advertising - but I wouldn't count them out. People sometimes wander through the paper during leisure times. In addition, if a paper has an online version, you increase visibility.

If you need to initially spread the word about a place that's opening, etc., advertising should definitely be worked into the budget - but only follow up and hard work will bring those people back a second time. THAT's where your word of mouth comes in - satisfied customers spread the word but they will only do that if they're satisfied in the first place.

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