Do you use a lower temp when baking/roasting using the convection bake setting?

Discussion in 'Food & Cooking' started by abefroman, Nov 8, 2016.

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    Do you use a lower temp when baking/roasting using the convection bake setting (as opposed to the normal bake)?

    And do you like to set the oven temp 25 degrees higher when preheating and then lower it after you put the food in?  (To account for the heat loss when you open the door).
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    It depends on what's needed, but the oven manual does recommend lowering the temp when using the convection.

    Personally I don't think of convection as a faster way to cook something that you would otherwise have baked. I thin of them as two quite different cooking methods. Convection dries things up faster, and tends to cook the outside of what you're cooking faster than the inside. So this can be good for certain things, bad for others.

    For example I've never been successful using convection for the entire time I roast a large chicken. A small one, yes. A large one, I prefer to use the convection for example at the beginning to get more color on the skin, then I turn it off. Or I start with convection off, and turn it on toward the end.

    In general I use convection when I want to dry things up and caramelize surfaces. For example roasted veggies.

    Far from being an expert at this convection thing though, so I look forward to reading the other replies.
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