DO you sell equipent on e-bay? any luck??


Joined Mar 2, 2006
I have a buunch of small wares I would like to sell on e-bay, since I lost my chef job I find myself in a situation and have stuff like flan rings, ring molds, triangle terrine molds, truffle molds, truffle dipping forks, half round molds, silpats, stuff you would use for fine dining plate up. I have 2 immersion circulators, truffle slicers, all the cool gadgets. Is it worth it??
Or should I keep it? realistically I got this stuff for individual parties or have bought it restaurant close out sales, I use most of it infrequently. Thanks.
Joined Oct 10, 2005
What's your e-mail? I might be interested, no pay-pal or Visa, just plain old postal money orders though.....

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