Do you recycle your used oil/fat?

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I know that the oil recycling for cooking oil has changed over the last several years, from having to pay to have it removed to now getting paid for the oil.  However, it was suggested that companies will also pay for the stuff from the grease trap.  I assumed no one wanted that stuff.  Are you guys selling the stuff from the grease trap too, and if so, can you provide me with any of the national companies that do this?  The very idea that someone will come pump out my grease trap and pay me money for the joy involved, is well, amazing. 
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The used grease guys use it for soaps, fertilizers, and other stuff, but they won't come around and pump out, that job is reserved for the "honey dipper" wagon.  Besides this stuff usually contains water and vegetable matter, whereas fryer oil is pretty much pure, just burnt and nasty.

I dunno, we have a rendering plant about 4 miles fom here that takes on used grease, oil, and meat packing and poultry scraps.  For me it would be more of a hassle trucking my waste to them, and I know they wouldn't come around for two 20 qt buckets of the stuff.

I have a 55 gal, trap in my place, and I'm too cheap to get someone to muck it out for $350 a pop. What I do is every 3-4 mths is pop it open and scoop out the muck into pickle buckets--with tight fitting lids-- clean out the baffles and inlets, and bolt on the lid again.  The buckets go into the dumpster. I've checked with City Hall on this and they say it is acceptable.  
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Cleaning the grease trap I would pay for, has to be the nastiest job there is!!!
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I can get it done in 15 mins.  The honey dipper guy gets it done in 1 hr, snaking his filthy hose through out the building  then charges $300 and up.

Meh, I've changed both my kid's diapers, cleaned their toilet seats, mopped up bathtub spills, removed mold encrusted yoghurt containers from under beds, etc., ad nauseum.

Then again, I've dealt with some really nasty customers (or, correctly, non-customers), street artists, dine & dashers, and city officals looking for freebies.  I'd rather muck out the greasetrap.......
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