do you loan out yor cookbooks?

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i flat out refuse to loan out my cookbooks. my cookbooks have become more of my own personal library than a collection. with all the time, effort and money put into finding the best cookbooks and even a few rare, out of print cookbooks(early 1900's) i don't like them leaving my home.

is anyone else out there as possessive of their cookbooks as i am?

i mentioned the word "cookbooks" a lot.......sorry....i'm a little drunk....
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Umm...maybe you should have a designated typist.  /img/vbsmilies/smilies/lookaround.gif

But to answer your question re: loaning cookbooks.  No, never!  At least not now...I did once.  It was returned to me tattered and splattered, with no apology, or any offer to make it right.  I felt violated and abused.  Anyone interested in cooking should own their own books. 
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No!  I have in the past and after it took me months to get a really special one (that I won here on my birthday a few years ago) back, I decided I would not loan another one.  If I have cookbooks that I do not use and do not enjoy reading, then I will give them away.  I really don't care for those books from the 70s with all those jello kinda dishes.  I do not like jello and especially not with stuff in it. lol
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I am happy to allow a guest to look through my books and even copy a recipe or two out of them but loan them out....NO WAY!! 

I have quite a few that are rare old copies or one of a kind type of thing to even think of loaning them out.  Selfish I know but I dont mind admitting it is who I am. 

Now it if get a book that I am indifferent to I will, as someone else suggested, gladly give it to someone who likes or admires it. 

I am not the public library....
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I have a lot that were $1 Goodwill finds and those I will loan out. The ones I buy at regular price I don't loan.
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Nope! They are MINE! /img/vbsmilies/smilies/rolleyes.gif I don't really loan out any book, though. Books are very personal to me, and I want to be the one to take care of them, put the wear and tear on them, etc. The only times I've ever loaned out books are to my parents or to my significant other, and that's it.
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I'm a newbie, be kind.

I haven't encountered people that would ask to borrow a cookbook, I don't mind people looking at them, If they would like to try a special recipe, I have pencils and paper. They are free to copy them. I'll e-mail recipes to friend with commentary about changes I have made or observations. But as a rule, no I don't hand over the book. Some books are more precious than others and would incur a bloody stump (what are chef's knives for? :>) ) if they try to take one of those out of my sight.
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I'm a newbie, be kind.

..... Some books are more precious than others and would incur a bloody stump (what are chef's knives for? :>) ) if they try to take one of those out of my sight.
 Chefs knife? heh, I finally got a use for that 3lb 18' cleaver my grandma kept. I don't loan anything, not tools, cookbooks or anything. If ya need money my limit is 20 bucks,  and no, don't pay me back. I'll lend a hand, but only for the big stuff. I wasn't built like an ox to help with wallpaper.
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No, not generally. I'm more than happy to let people look through them while their here, and maybe copy a recipe or two, but the whole book? Not that I can think of! 
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I know this is going to sound like I’m a do gooder (far from it) but YES, I loan out my books. I have also loaned out my smoker, my kitchen, power tools and even my office. I found this practice gets paid back in spades!!!

I just have one simple rule, WHEN AM I GETTING IT BACK?  As long as it’s returned on time with no damage, I’m glad to do it. If I have to go looking for my property, that’s the last time that person get’s use of anything. I have had only one person let me down in many years.
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I can only sigh in remembrance of some of my old cook books lost in the hands of friends who have taken them on as their own,,,,,oh well  it is what it is...but I do have a frequent thief!  My Mom of all people! She has stolen my Julia Child Mastering the Art of French Cooking Volume 1 and My Biba Caggianno cook book!

                Last time I visited mom she had them up there on her wall of cook books and ...oh I forgot my Sushi book which was given to me years ago by a my Sushi Master ,she has that too.

               Mom does not need cook books .I learned quite a bit from that girl....

                                   She just likes books .....

I let her think they are hers.I wish all those other people who have my books would return them the late fees are adding up!!!!!!!!
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How about you help me ax down some dead Aspens, Paul Bunyan. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/biggrin.gif
Originally Posted by Gunnar  

I wasn't built like an ox to help with wallpaper.
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But I got conditions, and I make them plain and clear before I loan the book out.

1) book HAS to be back the next day,  You can take it out again, but has to be back the next day

2) Take good care of it.

I have some nice books, and they get used. Fer instance  Grewlings "chocolates and confections" has several sections stuck together--my fault,.  CIA's "Pro Chef" the same, I work with the books and I work in a kitchen.  Teubner's "Pasteten und Terrinen" has pate salt from 14 years ago still lodged in the spine, Fachschule Richemont.books have my notations and formulas scratched in the pages.  Not apologizing, they're working books, and I use them.

So I don't mind loaning them out.  Yes, I know half of the book will photo-copied, and I also know cooks don't earn much and books, good books, are usually over $80.

Same goes with trade magazines

I also have no qualms about loaning out knives.  Whatever it takes to get the job done, just don't abuse the knife.  That being said, I don't have any knives that are over $80 in the kitchen--at home yes, but not at work.   
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Cookbooks for us are like tools for a carpenter or any servicemanperson--never lend them out unless it's a cookbook you don't use, don't like or don't mind losing. If someone wants a recipes from any of my cookbooks, I photocopy it.
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Funny thing is I'm rarely asked for the loan of a cookbook. More usual is a request such as, "hey, do you have a good recipe for X?" The way I answer that is to sit them down with a pen, some index cards, and access to my cookbooks and recipe files.

Would I loan a cookbook? Really depends on who is doing the asking. There are some I wouldn't hesitate with. With others there's no way in Hades.
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I never lend a cookbook unless I know that the recipient has a long history of returning any borrowed books, let alone undamaged.  So far, that comes down to just one person; the rest are either given info as to where to find a certain recipe or a PDF version.  I have some autographed volumes that are never let out of my sight!
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