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I know this an off cooking question but I was wondering...... do you enjoy reading and if so, what types of books do you  prefer?

I am a big reader and I am a "book slut" in that I will read anything I can get my hands on.. I am currently reading Santaram and it is a kind of autobiography.. it is written by an ex con who spent his time In Australa, escaped to Bombay for 15 years then got recaught and finished his sentence back down under. 

Also.. you like all of us cook for a living.. do you cook at home as well and if so.. what kinds of meals does your family enjoy?

I cook a fresh meal every day and my kids and hubby eat pretty much anything I make.. I do experiment on them alot and they seem to enjoy it.. I cook a varietey of foods... and every week we eat one totally vegetarian meal and one that the meat is fish.. I hate fish but it's good for  me so I suck it up.

Thanks for taking the time to read my questions

ps  I loved your show on the food network back when I got the us verision here.. my kids were young (toddlers) then and I'd watch during their naptimes.  Now they are teenagers (14 will be 15 in June and 16 will be 17 on the 29 of this month) but I still have the recipes I jotted down in those days.. my favourte is daube with the patry crust to seal the dish... that is pure heaven and thank you for featuring that techique!

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