Do you like tandoor-cooked foods?

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If so, have I got a place for you! Diwan, at 148 East 48th Street in New York City. The chef, Hemant Mathur, is a titan of the tandoor. :D And a darling as well -- it's obvious he derives great pleasure from making people happy with his food. Among the items he cooks in the oven are quail, lamb chops, venison chops, wild boar chops (!), giant prawns, paneer (pressed fresh cheese), "vegetable keema," and boneless chicken breasts. Every single item comes out amazingly tender and juicy, and all the marinades are different so each dish is uniquely flavored. I know -- I've tasted them all! :D

There are some wonderful vegetable dishes, including "Crispy Bhindi" -- okra for people who hate okra, crunchily julienned and deep fried, not the least bit slimy. That recipe, and others such as Tomato Chutney, were developed for the restaurant by Suvir Saran, who has been a member here for a while.

Unlike so many Indian sweets, the desserts emphasis FLAVOR instead of sugar. And there is an excellent wine list -- try the J Pinot Gris; works perfectly.

The food at Diwan is far, far above the Pak-Indo places ones finds on East 6th Street. The prices are higher, of course, but not out of line with the quality of the ingredients and the cooking.


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Like it? LOVE IT! I'd cook everything in a tandoor if I had one. In fact, when I move next I'm going to make sure I have a tandoor in the kitchen!


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