Do you give your cooks gifts?


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How many of you give gifts to your cooks? I used to try to give everyone something simple but usefull such as a new peeler or zester. It was always a good way to show how much I appreciated my cooks.


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I give all my Kitchen staff cooks and utility a bottle of wine, I also give my cooks a food related book, Last year I gave them Becoming a Chef By Dornenburg and Page, I got them through the C.I.A and was able to save a few bucks. I put this in my yearly training budjet So it does not come out of my own pocket. I give my two Sous Chefs a $50.00 gift certificate to a local wine shop.
I think it is a great idea to show your appreceation for a job well done, If it is possible
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I always try to give the crew something engraved/personalized... something special. We also enjoy dinner together right after the holiday 'push'.
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I hung some of those mini stockings on the hood each filled with candy, trinkets, and a paring knife or peeler.
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