Do You Get Recipes Off Of Youtube?

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I've found quite a few good recipes off of youtube when I can't figure out what to make for dinner. Does anyone else do the same thing?
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i don't get recipes off youtube, i use wikipedia instead to get a general idea of a recipe then put it together and cook it myself how i would cook it.
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I tend to watch too many food related vids on Youtube, like all the Iron Chefs, both original and American. There are other ways I should be spending my time.

I may have tried one or two recipes from Good Eats, almost as presented, but for the most part I just use my viewing as inspiration for matching ingredients, trying different styles and approaches. The exact recipes tend to just happen as I cook. Cookbooks and magazines I tend to treat the same way, rarely following an exact recipe, just thumbing through to see what looks good and pick up hints.

I do want to start improving my sauce skills and trying out some new ones. I'll probably stick pretty close to the recipes in Petersen's Sauces book when trying new ones. Like perhaps a chipotle watercress aioli to top my eggplant and turtle caesar salad :rolleyes:

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Not really, no. I'll look into memory at first regarding what I have at hand, then if that doesn't work grab a cookbook or two, if nothing stirs me after that (but I hardly get further than that and brain kicks in), I'll Google "recipe using..." whatever I've got. But that is extremely rare.

Teamfat....where do you source your turtles :D (you are nuts)

Youtube is good in some cases where you are looking for a specific technique or recipe, but mostly, its for entertainment, IMHO.
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Actually I'm not sure yet, I just got inspired by a Youtube video last night. I watched the Muppet's Swedish Chef prepare a turtle soup :lol:

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I've never been to youtube, so it would be hard to glean recipes from it. Better say this softly, I guess, but I wouldn't even know how to access facebook either.
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I'm with you. (Well, I have seen stuff on YouTube, but only when somebody has a link or embedded video.)

Say it loud: I'm backward and I'm proud. :thumb:
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I watch YouTube a lot but never for recipes.

Usually, it's to see a skill demo ~ like knife skills for example. As a homemaker who has no experience beyond home cooking, short videos like that are very helpful. I can now slice and dice bushels of veggies with only a knife and minimal injury.

Of course, that doesn't keep me from cutting myself on a can top at least once a week. :thumb:

I watch a YouTube skill type video once a day now at Rouxbe and my home cooking has really, really improved. Yesterday, I watched one on how to make a butter sauce; hold it, keep it from splitting, and fixing it if it does split.

Knowledge is power!
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The simple answer is: no. I buy cookery books, I eat at good restaurants - and I teach myself!
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I have no doubt you know how to scramble eggs! But it's still worth watching, always something new to learn.

I don't search youtube for videos. But if I happened to watch a cooking segment on television I may search for it on youtube to watch again for reference.
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I prefer to use Wikipedia if I need to get a recipe real quick. I have never even though of using YouTube for recipes, I will definitely give that a try!
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