Do you fold your fish?

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When you are using fillets that taper off in thickness a lot, like redfish or snapper, do you ever fold your fish to create a uniform thickness before cooking?  I have seen this recently and found it atrocious, but it seemed common to everybody else.
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Think its pretty standard practice, as long as you fold under the serving side it looks good and it will definately cook more evenly, avoids waste. I was taught to slice halfway through at the fold so that the part folded under is flush to the rest of the fillet.
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I was taught to do this waaay back in the '80's, and even then, it was considered standard practice for most filets with tapering thickness.
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I personally dislike this practice now, but thought it was quite clever when I first saw it as a line cook.  To resolve the issue I would often sear the filet, and when the side is seared properly, lift the thin side and slide a piece of foil underneath it and continue cooking.  Not a perfect solution but one that I appreciate more.
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