Do you cook at home after work?

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I suppose this is directed at people who work in restaurants. Mainly the dinner shift cooks who get home super late at night and the chefs who work ungodly hours(50 hours a week and up, YUCK!).

I won't say that I do all the time, but I will fire up the grill at midnight, make a soup or get the crock pot going before I go bed. A lot of times I find it very relaxing after a long hard day on the line to come home and make something in my own kitchen that I really like to eat.
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not usually, I would typically have eaten before I left work. At best , I too would set up a crock pot while having my after work beer...maybe some bacon and eggs.
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Im with Gunnar, I normally eat at work. I have started getting togeather with some of my cooking friends on mondays and throw down a few dishes each, get drunk and chill.
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Sometimes I eat at work and make something there but I agree a lot of the time it is relaxing to get home and cook something I actually enjoy cooking and eating, something that I don't do 50 times a day. In the summer some days I'd get up cook breakfast go cook for 14 hours then come back and cook/grill with friends over drinks. I just enjoy cooking


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Yes, I do. But the last decade, i've been working mostly from home so it's easy to do longer cooking items. However, even before then I cooked and used leftovers for making weeknight meals.

Jacques Pepin offers some good insights in his series Fast Food My Way. First thing he does when he comes in the door is put a pot of water on to boil. Then he's off to change and so on.  So many meals need a hot water, whether for pasta, blanching, boiling and more. Smart move.
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haha, no I dont. The most I will do is snack on bread at work and drink a boat load of water. Once I get home all I want is either a hot shower or a hot shower + a gin and tonic depending on how bad the day was.

As comforting as turning on the crock pot might be, you'll thank yourself in a few years when you've beaten that bad habit. Granted, if you're like the rest of us who consider coffee to be "breakfast" than yes I'd definitely eat at least one decent meal even if it's super late.

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I'm in a different boat than most, being a general manager of a chain-type restaurant, I don't spend my time cooking on the line. But I am there 10+ hours a day, dealing with all the problems, stress, cranky customers, etc...that being said, I love to come home and cook. It's relaxing and a nice creative outlet, and maybe a gin and tonic or two...thanks phatch for the boiling water tip, i'm definately gonna use it.

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I am working from home, so what I do is work while cooking. Multi-tasking :) but tiring haha!
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Yes  I practice dishes that if come out real good I do at work. I use my wife as the critic .
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Seriously?  Who cares if a chef gets to cook when he/she gets home?  Either way they're not going hungry.  A better question is do people who work all day come home and try to make a decent meal for their families?
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I travel a great deal for my job, so when I'm home I definetely cook.  My wife doesn't so I try and make enough stuff so it can be froze and reheated for when I'm not there.  Thank you for this forum, love to hear from those in the industry and those who aren't that love to make great food! - Tim
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