Do we need another Culinary Academy?


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Do we need another  Culinary Academy?

Telling youngsters they can be certified with a few short lessons.

Well, It takes years to become a Chef and some cooks never make it.

And some cooks never want to become a Chef. WHY?

Because it is not what you see on TV.

It takes a lot of hard work, neglecting your family,

working all holidays and dealing with a lot people you would not want as friends.

Dealing with people who can't get a job doing anything else.

And I am not being negative, just  honest and truthful.
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I don't think that any school should misrepresent the field it's training students for. But I think healthy competition is a good thing, especially in schools and universities. The more options potential students have (in where they choose to attend and therefore who they give their money to) the better, because (in theory) the more the various schools will compete and strive to have a better program.
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From what I have seen the culinary academy here in San Francisco promotes the taking of students money, and they will likely take any action necessary to protect their income stream. If that action is providing a quality education, so be it, but it is clearly NOT their first priority.

So yes, more, and/or better professional cooking schools would be great!
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The best school of all is HKU      Hard knocks university and it does not cost $20,000.00 per .In fact you get paid at HKU.
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Cooking is a Trade

                       Trade's require apprenticeship hours. It is long and sometimes gruel ling and sometimes you just want to throw in your side towels ,but it is a passionate trade and if your not into it and you don"t feel it.... by all means get out and move on

Some people are meant for this and some are not.

It is like any other ,,,,,just make sure this is what you want

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Well in my opinion, it doesn't matter. Cooking is a passion. Even if you go to the best culinary school or academy, unless you have that passion you won't be successful. It may be good to have more schools, for good competition but it basically starts at your own home. You can actually do it at your own home. Start there. Schools just enhanced those skills that you already have. 


Yeah, that Top Chef thing is ridiculous, but I am glad it is available for the home users. I go to culinary school. My culinary program is for future professionals, not the home cook doing it for fun. Classes are in high demand, so most of us struggle to get into the classes we need. Meanwhile, the home cooks take away a precious spot from the rest of us and most of them drop or miss a bunch of classes. Many who are there for a career find out it isn't for them and drop out, but that isn't quite as bad as the home cooks taking up a spot. 
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