Do they make Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chips?

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Sure, you have the classic Toll House morsals, and peanut butter, and butterscotch... but I have never seen dark chocolate chocolate chips in a regular supermarket. Why is that? Are they available somewhere? Is there a conspiracy against dark chocolate? :)
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Of course they do. They're the "semisweet" ones. As dark chocolate goes, though, they're not so great (except in Canada, where The President has chosen some fairly decent ones.) Unless you're looking for unsweetened. Never seen those.

I've been noting some VERY weird ones lately... the raspberry chips, the mint chips, the cinnamon chips... Actually I tried some of the cinnamon ones, in oatmeal cookies. They weren't bad -- but plain, they are SO faux!
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If your stores carry Ghirardelli, out of San Francisco, you should be able to find them. Probably should, it's a national brand. Otherwise, a couple of suggestions:
1. just get some good dark chocolate and whack it up into pieces;
2. look on the web -- I know that King Arthur has quite a variety (including some of those bizarre flavors).

Hope this helps!
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ghiradelli makes a drk chocolate chocolate chip. They are dark and they are wonderful. bought a bag for cookies, they never made it that far!:lips:
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Try the Ghiradelli double choco chips, they are fabulous, only chips I buy really. I throw them in brownies, muffins and top ice cream. They are extremely delicious!
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My vote's for the Ghiradelli double chocolate chips, too - love 'em!

BTW, Chiliboy, are you going to use some of that wonderful chocolate to make a mole? With chili AND chocolate?!!!! Because I AM the chili queen!!!!
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You know me and chocolate! I also vote for the Ghiradelli double chocolate chips. Ghiradelli's white chocolate chips are the best I've had in that genre. Puhleeeeeze don't feed me Nestle's.
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