Do people actually buy into this?! (similar to to "Groupon" query...)

Discussion in 'Professional Chefs' started by prairiechef, Feb 24, 2011.

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    I just recieved a *cough* offer from "Dealfind".

    They have a fantastic offer for me!!!

    They will put my name on their website at no cost to me!

    And all I have to do is sign a contract saying that I will allow them to sell $40 of F&B for $19.

    Of that 19, they will pay me $9.50, minus a $0.48 processing fee for every coupon sold.

    No limit on amount sold, and I have to commit to honour the coupons forever.

    If a guest has any complaints about "service, product or professionalism" they will deal with Dealfind directly, and Dealfind will bill me for the total refund.

    If I choose to cancel the offer at any time before the "96 hour sales pitch" they will bill me directly for all "Potential sales" at the rate of $19 per potential sale.

    So, to condense the contract they wish me to sign...

    "Dear F&B Moron,

    Please consent to run at 133% food & liquor cost, so we can make wheelbarrows full of money. Screw your staff, screw your bottom line... I gots me a condo in Bali to pay for!!!"

    Who the hell does this? Seriously?
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    Interesting. I have been getting e-mails lately from since I am no longer in the business I can only see it from the consumer side. In this case originally they would sell a coupon for basically half price, but since the holidays they have been selling them for $2-$3 each for a $25 coupon.

    Right now without an e-mail I can get a $25 coupon for $10. The way it breaks down for me is that I need to order a minimum of $35 worth of food and an 18% gratuity is added to the check automatically. So for me if I went to dinner and got exactly $35 worth of food and drink I would end up paying $10 (coupon) $10 (Food) and $6.30 (Tip) for a total of $26.30 for what woould have been a $41 meal. Not bad for me.

    Now if I was to buy a $100 coupon it would be $40 and a $200 minimum purchase plus 18%. Again though I don't know how that works out for the restaurant.
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    Well.... "It usta be", pre-internet days, a good insult was a kick to the balls and a good loud "Azzhat" to your face.

    I guess this must be the modern version............