Do Griddles Have To Be Stainless Steel?

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I want to get a stove top griddle, seems to be this diner culture and people in love with stainless griddles, is a griddle just a griddle? does it matter cast iron, non-stick, stainless???? I understand cast iron would have more heat retention etc, but beyond the obvious, is there a real need for a griddle to be stainless? Thank You. 
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Nonstick will wear out, quickly, with regular use- not sure I've ever seen one
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A friend of mine is nuts about pancakes. She swears by her aluminum griddle. She makes LOTS of pancakes. 
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I was almost afraid to confess, but since you mentioned it... I have a two-sided non-stick aluminum grille/grill. The nonstick isn't that great but it has lasted a long time and the grill/griddle has given great service for about 15 years But for pancakes I still prefer my Grams old round cast iron griddle. For some reason pancakes taste better made on that old griddle than when cooked on anything else.
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