Do All Restaurants Provide Uniforms?

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Hello fellow chefs,
Recently i move to Stockholm (Sweden) but could not bring my chef jackets and equipment with me. i am trying to buy it from store but after a hours of google search can not find any place to buy chef equipment and jackets. One of my friend (who is in different profession) told me, company will provide it. so my question is:
A. Is all the restaurant, cafe or hotel provide chef equipment?
B. If not, where can i buy those in Stockholm city or close to the place?

Have a great day guys
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They have everything. Chef clothing is usually provided by your employer in Sweden. Some places have house knives but most don't. Like any tradesmen you need to have your own basic tools of the trade. Ie carpenter has a hammer, chef has a knife.



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When I was working in Switzerland and France I brought my own uniforms and knives. You only need 2-3 pairs of paints and at least 4 jackets.
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Thanks guys for your valuable comments. i use to have my personal chef uniform and full set of knifes. but due to Airport security my country i could not bring them. can you guys tell me in Sweden where i will find the chef uniforms and jackets?
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