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    So currently I am a culinary student, but I' work in a hospital as a dietary host (work with patients on diets and delivering food). One of my four bosses decided that since I am a culinary student, I could cross train and take the spot of one of their cooks during the weekend. So I'm pretty much am an under-glorified garde manger/cold food prep cook, which I have been doing for about a month and a half. The work is very boring as all the food that I (and frankly the whole kitchen) use is pre-made or pre-cooked. I know that I sound like I'm just wining, but I don't feel that I'm using my full potential and, thus, I'm getting bored with my job. Even the people I work with do not (I mean it seriously) do not know how to cook.  An employee was making a batch of vanilla pudding (from a powder) and it slightly lumped. I told my kitchen floor manager that using a large-holed chinoise or a strainer might fix it. She looked at me like I was some weird French Pentecostal speaking in tongues. lol Another example would be burnt chicken that was served to the hospital patients; some very mad elderly patients!!!

    Our new Hilton hotel in town has been job searching for cooks/chefs for about 4 months and they ***desperately*** need two or three cooks asap (they even posted the jobs on facebook!). My culinary friend that just got a job there told me that she had told the chef about my works and he seemed very interested in me. He was just hired a few months ago and he is going to revise the whole menu after Christmas. I went in for a for an interview about a month ago and rocked it out. The chef de cuisine (who is good friends with Ree Drummond - author of pioneer woman) and his kitchen manager liked me and my resume, so they told me to finish my app and send it in the next day. I did and I haven't caught any word. I even went into the hotel manager and she said that the kitchen manager would call me asap.

    I really want this job. I'm really grateful for the job I already have, but this job I interviewed for is a huge next step in my career (with a nice big fat pay raise). I know for a fact that I and another kid from my culinary school were the only people that interviewed for this job (very small town!), so why isn't the chef jumping all over me? What should I do?
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    Stay persistent, but don't smother them. If you haven't spoke to them in a few days, call and ask to talk directly to their head chef (or whoever is in charge of hiring in the kitchen). Basically, just let them know you're seriously interested in the job. That worked for me when I was trying to get a job at a country club here. A hospital cafeteria is hardly a fitting place for an experienced cook, let alone a culinary student. :D