Dissapointed with my performance in the kitchen...Any advice?

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I recently graduated from a small culinary school and have only been working in restaurants for about 4 years most of those years doing everything else besides cooking on a line. My job right now in the kitchen is a prep/pantry,mainly salads and some appetizers. Im getting more knowledgable about ingredients and cooking techniques everyday but today I was asked to help during service and I felt as if I was only getting in the way and just couldnt get it together. I had a simple job, dealing with the veg and starch and I was just making so many wasted movements in the kitchen. This was only my second time on the line.Just feel as if I should have done better.
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Nah, you're just in the shake down stage. Everyone goes through it.

Working in the line is like a ballet, not only do you have to rehearse and perfect your own movements, and you have to time it with the other guys movements.

A few years ago, I got a job as a wok cook. I made a cheat sheet of my dishes, and a diagram of my station, and I studied them. I planned my movements so I could economize them. I would drill myself, not only on what went in it, but where my hands would need to be to grab tools or ingredients. The other people on the bus thought I was a deranged air drummer.

Bottom line, after your very first two days on the line, it's too early to start kicking your self for sucking. Just gotta practice and get better. No problemo.
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Learn to use that feeling constructively, that's the only advice I can give you. You're going to experience quite a few things that will can renew that feeling in you at times. Menu changes... new kitchens. Even dealing with new staff!  I work with a new guy who's supposedly been in the business for 15 years who has lots of excuses, will take zero advice, and can't keep up with me to save his life. Just try not to be that guy.

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