Displaying Raw food in the Restaurant!!!!!Safety tips

Discussion in 'Professional Chefs' started by djoko verona, Aug 25, 2012.

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    I need any idea how i can display raw meat and fish out in the restaurant...

    we have a display fridge but the Manager want to display ( MEAT ..FISH ...SALADS...AND DESSERTS IN A SAME PLACE)...i told him that is not a good idea ...and the next day i was off work and i see they display the raw  meat and fish on a room temperature just on a plate wrapped with a plastic foil ...

    so the idea of the manager is to find a solution to display the food bud company don't want to spend money and buy a display stand where i can display it properly ....

    any advice is helpful ...

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    I once worked bar at a place that had a FOH "meat maid".

    Her main function (other than filling waters and busing tables) was to present a tray with a selection of nice cuts of meat (covered in cling wrap) to tables as the customers studied the menu.

    At the end of service there would be a meat fest at my bar.

    I cannot imagine this redundant practice (these days), you might as well set fire to a stack of $$$ every nite.

    OBTW...let your manager know that there are food safety classes that he can attend.

    Maybe he will click on the fact that his cross contamination practices are gonna eventually kill someone.
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    I still see meat trays occasionally in high end steak houses, and have been told that the tray actually gets tossed and they set up a NEW one mid service to keep everything looking fresh.  So they are actually tossing out 2 trays of prime beef every night :(