Dish problem (ingredients not plates)

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I've got a really good vegetarian dish, it's a couscous tabbouleh. When I serve it as a main dish it's stuffed in a tomato and/or a sweet pepper. That's all very easy. I have a big party coming up at the end of the month, and I want to serve this as a smaller finger-food kinda thing. I'm thinking that a plum tomato half will work just fine, but I can't figure out what to use as my pepper. I'm looking for a regular shaped sweet pepper, from the size of a jalapeno up to a plum tomato. I really could use some help here. TIA for your responses.
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Why not put in a small zucchinni boat and garnish with a square of red pepper

. Or in a mini pattii  pan squash which are pretty.

Only pepper I can think of is a small cherry type pepper, red or green which your vegi guy can get you.
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Ice, I made these for a party at the end of another year studing spanish. We decided on doing tapas with a few people.

I remember it was a very hot day and all had to be transported from home to the school. So I decided to make individual portions in these pots and personalized them with a label in the colors of the spanish flag, with the inscription HechoConAmor and the content.

The pots in the background with a lid are filled with 2 tbsp tabouleh and a fried marinated scampi on top. I also made a sauce with mascarpone, cream to loosen the mascarpone, s&p, lemonjuice, cayennepepper, and a lot of fresh chervil, all mixed into a nice green sauce which was served separately. All served cold.

In the front is panna cotta with citrusflavors and Grand-Marnier. At the bottom is reduced lemon and orange juice thickened with a little agar-agar. The panna cotta however is made with gelatine.

When it's not an informal party, you could serve your tabouleh in small glasses or "verrines" as they are called in France. Serving verrines is quite popular and fun!

I often make these chocolate mousses. The glasses are by... Ikea! They have smaller ones like that!
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Cool. Thanks for the help so far.

cheflayne ~ the endive idea is cool, just not solid enough. It's a big stand-up, walk-around, wine-geek party. I've done apps w/ endive and it doesn't hold up like I want. Yellow wax peppers are nice, but too hot for this crowd. 

ChrisBelgium ~ my goodness! your stuff looks very cool. The problem is that it's too formal and I need for everything to just go on a small disposable plate; no extra things to hold on to, no extra cutlery involved. Plus I'm too cheap to buy all that extra stuff. LOL. 
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IceMan, check your supermarkets. Around here almost all of them are selling these packs of "baby" sweet peppers. They're usually four-up, in red, green, yellow, and orange. Peppers measure, I'm guessing, 1 1/4 inches in diameter or  maybe even less than that. Seems perfect for what you're doing.

Alternatively, you might try going the opposite direction and getting the largest bells you can find. Cut them in thirds, the long way, and there should be enough curvature to hold the cous-cous.

Taking off on Ed's idea, they're also selling "baby" zukes and pattipans. I like the yellow pattipan for a one-bite appy. What you can do is cut off the caps, hollow out the squash (using the flesh as part of the tabullah), and fill them with the cous-cous. Put the caps back in place and, voila: no plates or cutlery needed.

Still another approach: Cut small-diameter cucumbers into sections about 1 1/2 inches long. Peel or not as you desire. Hollow out these little logs, leaving a good layer at one end. Then fill these cups with the cous-cous mixture.
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FANTASTIC!!!    I think that's the ticket Pete. I didn't know that anyone sold them like that. Thank You
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