Discrepancies for Minimum Internal Cooking Temperatures For Ontario Red Seal

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Hello, I am currently studying for my red seal exam. I've noticed some differences in minimum internal cooking temperature guidelines between different forms of reference. For instance, an older version of the On Cooking text has different temperatures than my more current Professional Cooking Text Book but then some of those numbers are again different then what is listed on the Ontario Government website. Advice?
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A lot of these number ranges will change slightly over time (for example the danger zone range and minimum internal temperatures for items like pork, etc.) I know here in the states we also have different range guidelines depending on what the protein is and how it is prepared (ground meats, reheated, etc.) Usually though whatever test or certification you are taking should have its own information and that is the one you should be concerned with as that is the information they will use for testing regardless of what other sources may say.

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